Adventurer 11'6" stand up paddle board
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Adventurer 11’6 Stand Up Paddle Board Bundle


The Salty Paw Adventurer Bundle is centered around our top performing 11’6″ Adventurer touring board and includes our top of the line adjustable SUP paddle (valued at $129). To keep your board protected, cool, and looking great we have included a padded reflective board bag (valued at $149). Also included for your safety is our Salty Paw SUP leash, ($20 value).

The All in One Bundle: Salty Paw Adventurer, Adjustable SUP Paddle, Salty Paw Reflective Bag, and SUP Leash.

  • Touring Board
  • Displacement Hull
  • Multi Deck Bungees
  • Deck Pad + Salty Paw Pup SUP Mat
  • Light Weight Epoxy Construction

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The Adventurer 11’6 stand up paddle board is designed as a touring board for all experience levels.

The Adventurer is equipped with a displacement hull for ultimate glide per stroke, making it ideal for the fitness paddler looking to explore mile after mile of coastline.

The Touring Board has a sleek design that features an 11’6 length with a width of 29″ and a thickness of 6″ for excellent maneuverability, making it easy to paddle in a wide range of conditions. Equipped with the Salty Paw Pup SUP mat, you can bring along your favorite four legged friend.

The Adventurer comes with a comfortable cool deck pad that keeps your feet at ease while providing traction on the water.


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